Relax and enjoy!

The relaxation centre is our space for peace and tranquillity, which is why it has an age limit of 12 and no alcohol is permitted. The centre has a jacuzzi that is kept at about 37°C, a dry sauna, a steam sauna and a cold tub with water at 12°C. You are required to wear your swimming costume here, but the changing rooms have saunas where this is not required.

Water, coffee/tea and fruit are always available.

If you have a treatment, attend physiotherapy, have a keep-fit card or are a hotel guest, you have free access to the relaxation centre. If you have booked one of our spa packages, you’re naturally welcome to use the relaxation centre as much as you like during your stay.

On Mondays, the jacuzzi is not warmed up due to cleaning, but the saunas are up to temperature.